Belinelli joins The Process

With the Atlanta Hawks being one of the worst teams in the league, many expected them to be big sellers at the trade deadline with the handful of key specialist players they have. The only move the Hawks made was giving Luke Babbitt away for nothing. Marco Belinelli was easily capable of fetching a second-round pick, but the Hawks decided to buy him out instead. Once Marco Belinelli clears waivers, he has committed to signing with The Process in Philadelphia.

Marco Belinelli averaged 11.4 points per contest while shooting 37.2 percent from downtown with the Atlanta Hawks this season. The Hawks offense can be a chaotic mess, and finding a rhythm is tough for the Hawks.

In Philadelphia, Ben Simmons is the complete floor general every team covets. The 76ers brought in J.J. Reddick to help space the floor, but he has not been able to stay healthy. Belinelli provides great insurance if Reddick is unable to go, as well as a much needed, proven shooter off the bench.

Philadelphia is currently clinging to the eighth and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference with a record of 28-25. Another sharp shooting addition should help them continue to hold this spot from other challengers like Detroit.


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