Rockets sign Brandan Wright after buyout with Grizzlies

Now that we have passed this year’s exciting NBA trade deadline, we have moved to buyout season. There is a plethora of veterans expected to be bought out so they can pursue playoff and championships aspirations.

The first player to be bought out was Brandan Wright. Wright signed with the Memphis Grizzlies back in the 2015 offseason. As you could see from camera glances to the bench, and his tone with the media, Wright did not want to be here anymore. The past few seasons have been nothing short of a bust for Wright, who never found his role within the organization. Many Grizzlies fans were exciting by his length and athleticism, but injuries, and the emergence of Deyonta Davis cemented Wright with a bench warming role.

The Houston Rockets were not deterred by the lack of production from Wright in Memphis, as they were one the first to get him in for a deal. Wright has a chance to revitalize his career in Houston. The only offensive contribution Wright will need to give the Rockets is running and catching lobs from Chris Paul and James Harden, which will be very effective in Houston’s offense. Wright adds another athletic dimension to the Rockets as they look to dethrone the Golden State Warriors.


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