Four Team Trade Proposal

This offseason is bound to have some craziness happen, and I would like to present one of those crazy scenarios that could happen with this trade. Four teams will be effected, with multiple players changing teams. All salaries work out in this trade, and was not created by ESPN’s trade machine.

4 team trade:

Denver Nuggets Acquire : Rudy Gay and Nerlens Noel

Sacramento Kings Acquire: Ty Lawson and PJ Tucker

Philadelphia 76ers Acquire: Eric Bledsoe and Jason Thompson (possibly a draft pick)

Phoenix Suns Acquire: Danilo Gallinari, Tony Wroten and 1st rounder from Philadelphia.

Reasons Denver does it: Mudiay needs to develop, Lawson wants out, and Sacramento seems like the best bet for him. Rudy helps replace the void of Gallinari, and also helps work out the salaries. However Noel is the prize here, as Nurkic looked pretty good, but if this team wants to develop they will do it with defense. This team still lacks shooting.

Lineup of:

Good blend of players that are young and some veterans hopefully barring injuries they could be a playoff team soon.

Reasons Sacramento does it: Lawson wants to reunite with George Karl, even though he might be fired this allows flexibility either way. Sacramento gets a premier point guard, and if they decide he’s not worth the money or trouble, they keep Collison and trade Lawson for something of better value. Tucker is also a pretty good player, solid rebounder, can hit the three, and defend, which is what this team needs, defense. Also they have a surplus of big men, so this would help.

Lineup of:

I think if they sign JaVale McGee they could have Cousins at power forward, since they drafted Willie Thrill Cauley-Stein to play center anyways, and McGee offers the veteran leadership at center to help mentor Stein, before he takes over as the main starter.

Reasons Philly Does it: Philadelphia needs a point guard. Although people want to see the 76er’s be historic and play an all center line-up, that is just never going to happen. So, the 76er’s will need to get rid of a center this offseason. If they want to fix this, Nerlens Noel is the only proven center they have, as Okafor is a rookie, and Embiid is still injured. Bledsoe is a nice player to get back, as well. It does hurt to lose defense in Noel, but they desperately need a point guard. I also think they need to fix the power forward position, and figure out what to do with Embiid, because Okafor and Embiid’s spacing would be pretty big issue.

Lineup of:
Covington/mbah a moute

Still not a great lineup for the 76ers, but they need a point guard, and Eric Bledsoe is good young one to build around. Their front court is still confusing, as they have to worry about the spacing issue’s from Okafor and Embiid, but if either plays poorly this next season, they can look to trade them for draft picks in the 2016 NBA draft.

Reasons Phoenix does it: Phoenix has stated they would be interested in moving Bledsoe if Brando Knight is resigned, which all signs point to him being resigned. I believe if this team wants to get better, they need a good small forward, and the roster just not have this. The draft pick would help entice them, as the 76er’s draft pick will be a lottery pick, and with this roster, so would the Suns. Having two lottery pick’s could accelerate the Sun’s growth back into relevance. Wroten would be the backup point guard for the Suns, which is nice, as he is a very effective scorer for their bench.

Lineup of:

This would be an okay team, but I think they do this for the draft pick. If Philadelphia is still bad when the pick comes up, they could be a scary team with two lottery picks in the 2016 NBA draft.

In my opinion, the Nuggets or Kings might be the biggest winners here, as their additions give their lineups a pretty big boost, and could both be playoff teams in the West.

Phoenix could be winners with the draft pick. That’s only if the pick pans out, otherwise they look like one of the weaker rosters here, since their defense could be suspect.

Finally the 76er’s get a point guard for a center, he is not Iverson, but he will do some damage in the weaker Eastern Conference, they might be the potential losers of this trade though, if Noel develops into a defensive star, and Embiid or Okafor flop. They might need a draft pick in return, or as the 76er’s like it, a couple of second rounders.

By: Sae Oh

Edited by: Mac Crowe



  1. This is cool but let’s be real. Philly isn’t in the business of giving away first round picks, especially for someone like Eric Bledsoe. He’s good, don’t get me wrong but they aren’t gonna trade Noel AND a first round pick to get him.


    1. When stated they get a possible draft pick, I think Sae Oh meant to say Denver’s first round pick. And since Denver possess the Knicks first round pick for the 2016 draft it could be very tempting for the 76ers.


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