Why This Will Be A Tough Summer For The Boston Celtics

This article has been written by one of the newest contributors to the site. As a life long Boston Celtics fan, Corey dives into the Celtics offseason, and what lays in store for the Celtics.

The NBA Draft has concluded, and I, like most of us, were expecting big trades to happen between picks 2-9, and there were sadly none. Most of the hype came from the Boston Celtics, when general manager Danny Ainge said he wanted to trade up in the draft. The Celtics had failed to trade up, and Aigne said it was too difficult to trade up. The Celtics offered the Hornets 6 picks and the #16 pick for #9, but were unable to strike a deal with the Hornets. After the draft, Ainge said he will make every effort to sign big names, mainly a big man during free agency, such as Kevin Love, Deandre Jordan, Lamarcus Aldridge, or Marc Gasol. Only problem is do these centers and power forwards want to play for the Celtics?

Kevin Love is the main guy the Celtics have been targeting since last year, almost obsessively, but instead Love was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers before the start of last season. Throughout the season, the Celtics were rumored to make a big push for Love in the summer. This seemed almost real, until the last time Love stepped foot on TD Garden, he got his shoulder dislocated on “purpose” from Kelly Olynyk. Love would not forgive Olynyk’s apology, leaving a weird and awkward scene for Love signing with the Celtics. It seems more accurate Love resigns with the Cavaliers, an already established championship contending team, unlike the Celtics.

LaMarcus Aldridge seems a little more likely to sign with the Celtics, than that of Kevin Love. Aldridge will not likely sign with the Celtics, but offers a higher chance, than that of Kevin Love. Rumor has it, Aldridge was in Boston earlier this month visiting with the Celtics, but Aldridge seems ready to sign in either Los Angeles, San Antonio, Dallas, or Houston. Anything is possible, but Aldridge will probably decide between, either the Los Angeles Lakers or San Antonio Spurs in the end.

Towards the end of the season, some reports linked the Celtics with having interest in Los Angeles Clipper’s center, DeAndre Jordan. These rumors slowly died off as the playoffs wore on, but recent reports, show the Celtics with a renewed interest in Jordan. Although the Celtics have interest, Jordan has said the only team he would leave Los Angeles for was Dallas. Even if their was mutual interest, Jordan would have to pass up the opportunity to immediately compete for championships in Los Angeles, to going to help the Celtics, in their rebuilding process.

Danny Ainge promised fireworks in the NBA Draft, but the draft was a dud, and this free agency has the same high percentage of being a dud as well. The closest the Celtics will get in free agency to a star player is Kevin Love, but will likely not sign him. The Celtics have the opportunity to sign good pieces to their roster, such as Tobias Harris, Robin Lopez, Paul Pierce, Khris Middleton, Wesley Matthews, or Al-Farouq Aminu. Wesley Matthews wants to be paid over $15 million a season, which is unreasonably for his skill set, but if the Celtics can get him for around $8-$10 million, he will be a good veteran to add to their perimeter. An addition of Robin Lopez would be a great addition for the Celtics, as Lopez is a very underrated center in the league. Aminu has plenty of other teams interested in him, and I think roster wise, the Celtics should pass on him, as his skill set is so similar to Jae Crowder, but a higher price tag. Pierce is likely, to either resign with the Wizards, or go to Los Angeles to play under coach Doc Rivers again. Middleton is highly unlikely to leave Milwaukee, as he is restricted, and Milwaukee wants to keep him no matter the price. Harris is an interesting player for the Celtics, as he can give the Celtics the offensive presence they need, as well as playing the three or four position. They also have the ability to try and trade for a big name player, but the only name coming up for them, is a deal of Nerlens Noel for Marcus Smart. This would be a fair trade, but we will have to see if both teams would agree to this rumored trade. Maybe Danny Ainge got new fireworks, but for now this free agency won’t be as big for the Celtics, as everyone had hoped.

By: Corey Bourassa

Edited By: Mac Crowe, @Mac_Truck17


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  1. I think smart shouldn’t go he’s a bright spot for the team defensively. Adding in another team like the Nuggets or Suns would be better since they can offer Lawson or Bledsoe to entice the Sixers, for example. Celtics give one of their PGs to Phoenix (Rozier), Phoenix gives the Sixers Bledsoe, Celtics get Noel,

    Sixers get Bledsoe (PG of future)1st rounder from celtics (Brooklyn)
    Celtics get Noel (C and rim protector they need) 2nd rounder from Phoenix.
    Phoenix gets Rozier and Olynyk (backup PG and Backup Bigman), 1st rounder from Sixers.


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