Scouting Report: Caris LeVert

Caris LeVert is a shooting guard for the University of Michigan. He is 6’6 with a 7’1 wingspan. For the year, LeVert averaged 35.8 minutes per game, 14.9 points per game, 4.9 rebounds per game, 3.7 assists per game, 1.8 steals per game, while shooting 42.1% from the field, and 40.5% from three.

*Caris LeVert only played 18 games in the 2014-2015 season due to a foot injury.


  • Great size
  • Excellent length
  • Good athleticism
  • Good ball handler
  • Good passer
  • Great three point shooter
  • Quick release
  • Good spot-up shooter
  • Has ability to finish at the rim
  • Decent playmaking ability


  • Gets lost on defense
  • Not a lot of interest for playing defense
  • Does not drive to the rim as much as he could, settling for jumpers.
  • Needs to improve mid-range jumper efficiency
  • Injury prone


LeVert possess a terrific, confident shooting ability for a man his age. Along with his shooting ability, he is a good ball handler capable of leading the break, and has the ability to make good passes to teammates. His primary weapon of choice is his jumper, which he does need to work on its consistency from mid-range, but from three point range he is deadly. LeVert, needs to work on driving to the basket more often than he does. He often settles for his jump shot or a contested shot, which really hinders his shooting accuracy. For a wing, LeVert is a great rebounder, who can be very tenacious on the boards. Defensively, LeVert is a work in progress. He possess great speed, athleticism, and length, but none of that shows up very often leading for him to slack off, making him a liability. This issue could be a product of the system he was playing in, because Michigan was very poor on defense as a team last year, and with veteran, NBA leadership he could use his talents to become a very good defensive player. Overall, LeVert is a good offensive wing with a smooth stroke, that needs some work on the defensive side of the ball. Although, LeVert is battling a foot injury, which should be cleared in May, this is the second time he has battled foot injuries to this foot leaving some worried if this is going to be problematic going forward. Even with the injury, LeVert is considered a first round talent, who could go as high as the Oklahoma Thunder or in the late twenties.

Pro Comparison:

Alec Burks

Burks and LeVert, coming out of college were known as scorers. Burks, was no where as good on the outside shot like LeVert is, but both use their jumpers a great deal. This has lead to both players having rather low shooting accuracy. Both players are willing passers, creating opportunities for their teammates. Burks and LeVert can both beat you 1-on-1, with their ball handling, and sheer athleticism. Defensively, these players compare greatly. Both are very lax on the defensive side of the ball, who have the intangibles to be good, just do not put them to use. Although poor on defense, both have speed to recover. LeVert has received mixed opinions for what he will turn out to be, but so did Burks, who was compared to Paul Pierce or Brandon Roy at the best, to Caron Butler at the worst. LeVert has also seen this type of comparisons but with Burks you have a perfect image of what LeVert will turn into if he does not focus in on defense. Without driving to the rim and improving his accuracy, or playing defense, LeVert projects to be a solid role player, capable of getting hot from deep.

By: Mac Crowe @Mac_Truck17


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