Scouting Report: Kelly Oubre

Kelly Oubre is a small forward for the University of Kansas. Oubre is 6’7 with a wingspan of 7’2. For the year, Oubre averaged 21.0 minutes per game, 9.3 points per game, 5.0 rebounds per game, 0.8 assists per game, 1.1 steals per game, while shooting 44.4% from the field, and 35.8% from three.


  • Confident ball handler
  • Extreme athleticism
  • Great length
  • Good rebounder
  • Smooth shooting stroke
  • Good mid-range shooter
  • Three point threat
  • Average free throw shooter


  • Must add strength
  • Work on shooting in the lane
  • Floater could use work
  • Loses focus on defense
  • Can be turn-over prone


Oubre is an intriguing wing prospect destined to be a lottery selection. Offensively, Oubre has a great shooting stroke with a reliable mid-range jumper. He possess good ball handling skills with the confidence to lead the break. Although he has confidence with the ball, he can get overly confident and become turnover prone. The one area of offense Oubre needs to improve in is driving the lanes and his shot selection there. His floater is flat and with all the shot blockers in the league they will feast on this correctable flaw. With the tools Oubre already possesses his offensive game should translate to the NBA level without much issues. Defensively, Oubre has the length and athleticism to be a terror on defense, but lacks the consistency on that side of the court to have defense be an asset for him. With added strength and more consistency, Oubre’s defense could become a highly desirable skill, turning him into a very good two way player. As stated before Oubre is almost a lock to be a lottery pick in the 9-12 range with the Charlotte Hornets most likely to select him for they need a reliable offensive threat.

Pro Comparison:

Rudy Gay

Offensive minded wing players who have great length and off the charts athleticism, these two players compare very well. Both are built skinny and lengthy, and want to be first option scorers. Oubre can generate offense and a wide variety of ways including step-backs and pull-up jumpers. Much like Gay, Oubre could stand to improve his consistency from deep and work on not taking as many contested shots and looking for an outlet to pass it off to a teammate. On defense, both have great length to be major disruptions in passing lanes but without a huge desire to play consistent high level defense they are usually mediocre defenders. Oubre and Gay both have the intangibles to be elite defenders and with the right coaching Oubre could turn into a good two-way player unlike Gay was unable to do. Overall, Gay has had a solid career and struggled as the number option for Memphis and Toronto, but with Sacramento he has found a good situation and is thriving. This will be the same case for Oubre as he will need a few years to find his way and under Bill Self, who is an incredibly hard coach on his players, Oubre took to his advice and greatly improved showing his ability to listen and improve. All in all Oubre’s offensive instincts will allow him to either develop into a starting caliber wing or nice bench scorer, leaving him to have a solid career in the NBA.

By: Mac Crowe @Mac_Truck17



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