What Is Derrick Rose Worth?

We have all heard the rumors from Brian Windhorst saying how Chicago wants to move on from the former star, but is that possible when you take in his huge contract and him playing below his former level of play. In this article, I will examine what Derrick Rose is worth as a potential trade piece for the Chicago Bulls. Note that this is more of a fun article, as I do not see I trade happening this season. 

I have never been a Chicago Bull’s fan in my life, but I always enjoyed watching Derrick Rose dominate the court. All of that changed when he tore his ACL. I still had hope that he would come back to his elite level, but after multiple other knee injuries, Rose just does not seem like he is ever going to come back to his former self.

With the recent emergence of Jimmy Butler to stardom, Nikola Mirotic continuing his rise in just his second season, and a dominate frontcourt rotation led by Pau Gasol. Many people expected Derrick Rose to take more of a leadership role now that he finally had a cast worthy of challenging LeBron James and Co. However, he is not taken this role to the extent he should be. The core is starting to get up there an age, as we have seen the demise of Joakim Noah, thanks in part to injuries plaguing him. Pau Gasol maybe has another year or two in him, and is a free agent after this season, Taj Gibson will be 31 this offseason, Mike Dunleavy is 35, and turns 36 in the offseason, and next season will the last year of Rose’s contract. The Bulls have already beaten the Cleveland Cavaliers this season, but that was the first game when both teams were rusty, and the Cavaliers were without dynamic point guard, Kyrie Irving. This team needs to step back and see where they are going, because of right now, they do not have the killer mind set to battle though the Eastern Conference, and therefore think about breaking apart some of the players for a future built around Butler, Mirotic, Bobby Portis, and Doug McDermott.

When looking at statistics, Rose is averaging 12.9 points per game, 5.8 assists per game, 3.4 rebounds per game, while shooting 36.8% from the field, and 0.63% from three. All of this leads to Rose having a player efficiency rating of 9.80. For his hefty salary and skill set, this is absurd, as the league average for PER is 15.0. We have always known, Rose was not the best of shooters, but this year is his career worse, and we have to wonder if that is just because of the mask, or if this is going to be an continued issue. Even with these rocky statistics, one has to believe he does still have some trade value, and there are a few teams thinking about taking the gamble.

Brooklyn Nets:

This team is downright terrible, and it all starts at the point guard position. Jarrett Jack is a great backup point guard for a team, but not worthy of a starting position anywhere. Brooklyn has the future built around Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young. Even with the electric duo, Brooklyn is likely going to finish in the bottom four, and they do not own this pick, as Boston is still reaping the benefits of trading away Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. With all the talks of unloading the expensive contract of Joe Johnson to a contender, why not trade for another expensive veteran, but with one that can sell seats, give the franchise some hope, and maybe lure other free agents to Brooklyn. What would Brooklyn have to give up in order to acquire Rose? Thaddeus Young could generate some interest for the Chicago Bulls, as he is younger, athletic combo forward that could excel in Chicago’s system. To match salaries, Chicago could even look at adding Jarrett Jack, so for this season they would have a platoon system at point guard of Aaron Brooks and Jarrett Jack. Although this might be seen as a downgrade at the position, Chicago would not be as explosive, but they would have more consistency from the point and that is something they do need. If Jack is waived before the end of June next summer, they would save some cap money, but with most of his contract guaranteed it would be in their better interest to hold on to him for his skill set or test his worth on a minor trade. Rose in Brooklyn would help revitalize the fan base that is not seen success in a long time. With Rose and Lopez as their selling points, Brooklyn would have a way better chance on intriguing another big name free agent to sign with them. Both sides would prosper from a deal, as Brooklyn helps their fan base, and Chicago moves on from the former star, who cannot seem to outgrow his former shadow in the windy city.

Los Angeles Lakers:

As the case with Brooklyn, the Los Angeles Lakers are struggling. Kobe Bryant has yet to find his game, and head coach Byron Scott, has said Kobe has hinted at this being his last season. Although I think the Lakers should look at their backcourt now, and build off that with D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson, I think management could get careless in desperation for a star. Kobe is in the last year of his deal, which is paying him $25 million this season. If he does decide to come back, you can expect a major cut despite his name. His game has been in decline as he ages and battles consistent injuries. The Lakers are looking to make a big splash in next year’s free agency, as they have been trying to do for the past few years to no luck, but this year’s prize free agent does have some interest in Los Angeles. If Los Angeles could add a name like Derrick Rose to their roster, Kevin Durant could find the city even more appealing, especially considering Rose would be a free agent the same year, Russell Westbrook would be, and Durant could even lure him to Hollywood. Alright, that is little too hypothetically, but it would be humorous if it did happen, especially for all the Laker fans who claim they can get everyone. With Rose on the roster, Los Angeles would have another big name, allow Clarkson to come off the bench, which would serve as a great bench piece, and allow Los Angeles to increase their chances of a big name free agent. Chicago does this deal, as a way to escape their former star. Los Angeles does not have many players worth a big return for Chicago, so it might have to deal with Roy Hibbert and a few draft picks, or Hibbert and Clarkson, as Clarkson could be a good guard for Chicago to add to their core. With the recent decline in play from Noah, and Hibbert’s resurgence on the defensive end, this could be a beneficial trade for Chicago. As noted, in 2017, Russell Westbrook will be a free agent, and if Chicago could pair him with Jimmy Butler they would be an amazing backcourt tandem most teams could only dream of stopping.

As you can see, the demand for Rose is not as high as it once was, and Chicago can either decide to keep him, or try and acquire some other pieces in order to build a more well-rounded roster to compete for championships. Although a deal is highly unlikely this season, it is fun to play around with the idea of stars moving around this league. If Rose stays with the Chicago Bulls this season, I expect the trade talks for Rose to begin intensifying this summer, and into next season, as he will be an unrestricted free agent, and I do not think Chicago has him in their long-term plans.

By: Mac Crowe, @Mac_Truck17


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