Power Rankings: Week Two

As the first week of the season is over with, here is our power rankings for this upcoming week. Hope you enjoy the rankings, and feel free to argue in the comment section. 

  1. Golden State Warriors(3-0)- Well good luck to the rest of the Western Conference. Golden State looks like a well oiled machine, and if Curry keeps performing at this insane level, they should be looked at as a lock to repeat.
  2. Oklahoma City Thunder(3-0)- Oklahoma City looked really good in the opening week of play. They will need to shore up their defense, as they are giving up a lot of points, but with only Golden State coming near their average for scoring, they should be in good hands.
  3. Los Angeles Clippers(3-0)- The Clippers had a good opening week. Blake Griffin was an absolute monster for them, thank god I drafted him to my fantasy team, but the team has a few issues they need to work with, but early in the season such minor imperfections are expected, and this team should remain a scary team going forward.
  4. San Antonio Spurs(2-1)- The Spurs lost a tough game on their opening night, but bounced back with two straight wins. This team does not look like it is being hindered by any adversities, and with this team likely preparing for a playoff run, do not expect to see the starters logging big minutes early on this season.
  5. Cleveland Cavaliers(2-1)- I thought Cleveland would beat Chicago, and then struggle with a usually tough Memphis squad, but was i wrong. Cleveland annihilated Memphis, and once this offense gets Kyrie Irving back, it will be hard for anyone in the conference to slow this team down.
  6. Chicago Bulls(3-1)- This team can be something great, but they will just need to find a more consistent balance to stay successful. The new offense is looking great, and they are maintaining their defensive persona, as they rank fourth in points allowed. Chicago looks to be a different team this year, and maybe have the demeanor to make it to the finals.
  7. Memphis Grizzlies(2-1)- Memphis was dealt a huge, humiliating loss by Cleveland Cavaliers, but they shrugged it off, and finished the week on a positive note. They will need to work on the perimeter offense if they want to even sniff a deep run in the playoffs.
  8. Atlanta Hawks(3-1)- Atlanta started the year off hot. They showed very limited signs of missing DeMarre Carroll, and look to yet again be a top contender in the Eastern Conference. Although they do not have the superstars, expect Atlanta’s team style of ball to carry them to a top four slot in the Eastern Conference.
  9. Toronto Raptors(3-0)- Toronto started the year off with a bang. If they are able to keep hitting three’s like they did against Milwaukee, they will be a dark horse contender. Their defense looks a lot better, which should help them cement themselves as contenders and not pretenders like the past few years.
  10. Detroit Pistons(3-0)- Detroit came out with a bang. They are not scoring a great deal of points, but their stifling defense is not allowing a lot either. The team is playing at a high level to start the season, and could be a sleeper in the unpredictable Eastern Conference.
  11. Washington Wizards(2-1)- Washington looks to be a changed team, and becoming a more cohesive unit. The players have seemed to find their individual roles, and the team has a good mix of veterans and youth which should help them maintain their identity as a dark horse contender for the Eastern Conference.
  12. Miami Heat(2-1)- Justise Winslow blew up social media for a highlight reel dunk, but the rest of the team should not be shadowed. Once this team comes together, they could become a destructive unit. Whiteside will need to learn to pass the ball, but until that day, let us just hope Miami does not try to run their offense through him.
  13. Utah Jazz(2-1)- I fully expected Utah to start the year off at 2-1, but was not expecting their defense to be absolute chaos for opposing teams. They are currently holding teams to under 80 points per game. Their offense is still a work in progress, but as long as their defense holds up they should be fine.
  14. Houston Rockets(0-3)- Is it time for James Harden to ask for the blessings from Lil B? The superstar is struggling mightily, and it is apparent in the team’s record. Although it is hard to believe in curses, something is clearly wrong with this team.
  15. Dallas Mavericks(2-1)- Although this team will not blow you away with offense or defense, they are playing good basketball, and their record shows that. They might not be a championship squad, but they can play spoiler for some other hopeful teams.
  16. Phoenix Suns(2-1)- Phoenix reminds me a lot of Dallas. There just is nothing special about them, but they have the talent to be a spoiler in the Western Conference. Their interior already looks better with Chandler protecting the rim, so we will see how this team keeps developing.
  17. Boston Celtics(1-2)- We really did not know what to expect with this team going into the season, and we still are quite sure to be honest. Crowder looks like a greatly improved player, but the rest of the team looks bland, and until a spark is lit under this team I am not expecting much from them.
  18. Milwaukee Bucks(0-3)- I am very disappointed in this team’s performances from this past week. Giannis Antetokounmpo was suspended for their first blowout loss to the New York Knicks, but when he did come back, and look to be the potential offensive piece they needed, the rest of the team failed him. The defense they were known for last season was not apparent this week, and hopefully that can be corrected or a long season might be near for Milwaukee.
  19. New Orleans Pelicans(0-3)- New Orleans is struggling with their injuries. They had a tough opening week, and hopefully Davis can find his form again, as this team desperately needs him. Their defense has been the biggest issue, and until that is corrected, expect the losing to continue.
  20. Indiana Pacers(0-3)- The loss of Hibbert and West is being felt in Indiana. The defense is struggling and without any reliable interior offense, the rest of the offense is falling stagnant. I expect the Pacers to become itchy for a trade, as they need to improve their offense and defensive woes. Although it would not be cheap, Taj Gibson should be heavily looked into.
  21. New York Knicks(2-1)- A great surprise from week one. New York is scoring a lot of points, and not just from Anthony, the team has found additional players to ease the pressure off of Anthony. The defense is still extremely poor, but a trade or increase in intensity on this end of the court could fix this problem.
  22. Sacramento Kings(1-2)- The best news for the Sacramento Kings was that DeMarcus Cousins injury will only sideline him for two games, and was nothing serious. This team can finally score  lot of points, but their defensive is giving up just as many. Once this team can correct this defensive problem they could be a sleeper team to watch out for.
  23. Minnesota Timberwolves(2-0)- The Timberwolves are playing some inspired basketball after the tragic death of their former head coach, Flip Saunders. Towns is an absolute monster on the court for the Wolves, and is making up from the sophomore slump, Wiggins is currently in. This team has the potential to be great, it might just be sooner than we were expecting.
  24. Orlando Magic(0-3)- The talent is there for Orlando, they just need to learn how to manage it. The overall defensive effort has been mediocre to say the least, and the rest of the conference having some high-octane offenses, they need to fix this problem if they want to continue their rise to relevance again.
  25. Charlotte Hornets(0-3)- The 0-3 start looks a lot worse than it really is. The team has been in all of their games, they just lack a finishing ability. The defense has been good, but the offense is still lacking a go-to threat. Maybe this player will come out later in the season, but until then expect low scoring games between the Hornets and whoever they play.
  26. Portland Trailblazers(1-2)- Portland has been playing pretty even basketball, and do not look as bad as many people expected them to be. They are certainly not a playoff team, but at least they will be an entertaining team to watch for their fans.
  27. Brooklyn Nets(0-3)- The good news for Brooklyn fans is they start the week of playing the Milwaukee Bucks(0-3) so they have a good shot at getting their first win. The bad news for this team is both their defense and offense sucks, and it does not look like there is going to be a quick cure. Brooklyn might become sellers quicker than we expected them to be if these performances become a norm.
  28. Denver Nuggets(1-2)- There is nothing really special with this basketball team, as all their young talent is underperforming so far. Danilo Gallinari has been a pretty good player, which he always has been, just cannot stay healthy. If the youngsters can find their grooves this team can have a decent season, but until then it will be a rocky season for the Nuggets.
  29. Los Angeles Lakers(0-3)- Kobe is performing at a very poor level, and he knows it. Hibbert has been a great defensive addition so far, and Randle has shown good strides for essentially being his rookie season, but the rest of the tem has been lackluster. D’Angelo Russell needs to step up, and become the player he believes he is, if this team wants to start seeing strides in the right direction.
  30. Philadelphia 76ers(0-2)- We are not expecting them to win. Good news for Philadelphia though. Their first round pick Dario Saric said he will be coming over next season, and should give them the offensive spark plug they need. Okafor has been a sound offensive weapon in the interior, but he needs to control his turnovers. Noel is averaging a double-double so far, and the cheap addition of Nik Stauskas has proven to be a quality pick-up for the shooting guard position. Although this team will not be anything special this year, they are starting to see the pay off from their tanking and the rise of better talent.

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