Best Landing Spots For Ty Lawson

Unfortunately for the Denver Nuggets, Ty Lawson was arrested for yet another DUI. As much as the DUI upsets me, that is another story in itself. A few teams had interest in Lawson, but no deals were talked about very seriously, as Denver wanted to much in return. Now with the second DUI, Lawson’s value plummeted. This may cause the Nuggets to hold onto Lawson into the season, as they hope is value goes up, or they just may try to dump him, and allow Emmanuel Mudiay to take over. I will present five teams, who could all look to add Lawson to there teams in the near future. 

Houston Rockets: The Houston Rockets do not have a huge need at the point guard position, due to their resigning of Patrick Beverly, but they could use the potent scorer Lawson, as they look to battle in the ever more challenging Western Conference. Lawson would not cost much anymore, I would say a young player, and a second round pick. Montrezl Harrell, Sam Dekker, Donatas Motiejunas, or even Kostas Papanikolaou could all be used to help the Rockets win now, by trading for Lawson. Although Lawson has not been the best character this past season, he has always seemed to be at the breakout star bubble stage, and if the Rockets could keep him under control, Lawson, with a change of scenery, could be a great cheap addition.

Milwaukee Bucks: This one is a bit strange, and how I look at it is, Milwaukee needs more scoring. Yes, Greg Monroe was added, Jabari Parker is back, but that helps down-low, not the perimeter. Michael Carter-Williams is so inconsistent in the offensive game, and come playoff time when scoring becomes even harder, I do not know if Milwaukee can count on him for the needed offense. Acquiring Lawson would not be the easiest salary wise, but with O.J. Mayo and Jerryd Bayless as expiring contracts, those two could be switched to match salaries, and allow for Denver to tank this next season, as they look to rebuild their franchise, and enter their new era under Emmanuel Mudiay. Milwaukee could then use Lawson as their sixth man, as they want Williams to develop, and if Williams gets hurt, they have a more than capable starter ready to go off the bench. During the playoffs, if Williams is struggling, Lawson could step in to energize the offense. When you have the fast paced offense of the Cavaliers, and new offensive orientated Bulls in your division, you will need as many scorers as possible to stay competitive with them.

Chicago Bulls: Chicago has had a glaring need for a scoring sixth man for the past few seasons. With Lawson’s value so low, Chicago could use this opportunity to unload the contracts of Kirk Hinrich and Taj Gibson. Chicago has been linked with Clipper’s sixth man Jamal Crawford, but nothing seems to becoming intensified, so Chicago might look elsewhere for that bench offense. This deal benefits both sides, as Chicago gets the potent scorer they need, while Denver makes themselves worse, as well as veteran leadership for their young players. Although rumors are swirling that Chicago is interested in Lawson, I do not see anything actually materializing. If he did happen however, Chicago definitely has the stable locker room to keep Lawson under control, as well as a winning attitude, that I think is sorely needed for Lawson.

New York Knicks: The Knicks were linked before the draft with Lawson, and were even offered him, but the Nuggets wanted the fourth overall pick for him, which was outrageous. There is mutual interest between the two parties, and it only makes sense for the Knicks, who are trying to make a run at the playoffs. At the point guard position, New York has Jose Calderon and Jerian Grant. Grant may see some time at the shooting guard position this next season, as he has looked rather impressive so far at summer league, as well as possessing the size and abilities to play either position. Grant is displaying tremendous vision in summer league, and maybe the future for the Knick’s at the position, but if the Knicks are in win now mode, Lawson could be a good filler for two years. Calderon is not a bad point guard by any means, but utilizing his skills off the bench, and allowing for Lawson to start, would make the Knick’s attack much more potent. The Knicks would not have to give up much, maybe they have send Calderon for salary purposes, but other than that, no real loss for an excellent addition. I expect Phil Jackson to make a call to gauge the Nugget’s interest in trading Lawson, but with his value so low, the Nuggets may wait to trade him until his value rises again.

Brooklyn Nets: The Nets have recently bought out Deron Williams, which was a great move for both sides, as both sides needed to move on from the disaster of their deal. With Williams now in Dallas, Brooklyn could use a veteran point guard, as they look to try and make the playoffs for another consecutive season. The Eastern Conference is a lot more competitive now, and with Indiana and Miami expected to be fully healthy next season, Brooklyn will need to add some more fire power if they want to make the playoffs. Lawson would give them an explosive guard, who could lead this veteran squad. Brooklyn could send over Jarrett Jack to cover some of the salary, but with this addition to would plunge further into the luxury cap, but not by as much as they have done in the past. Denver would get a capable veteran, with a straight head that could mentor Mudiay, and help fasten his development, as well as acquire a few second round picks. This type of trade is beneficial, as Brooklyn strengthens its team for their attempt at a playoff run, while Denver worsens themselves, in hopes of a top pick.

By: Mac Crowe, @Mac_Truck17


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