The DeAndre Jordan Saga

Corey Bourassa dives into the DeAndre Jordan saga, and what it means to the Mavericks, Clippers, and NBA.

The DeAndre Jordan saga seemed like it would never end, from the time free agency began, till the time at midnight on July 9th, when players could actual sign their new deals. This all started when reports came out that Jordan would accept a four year, $80 million dollar contract from the Dallas Mavericks, leaving a devastating, empty hole at center for the Los Angeles Clippers. Just when everyone already thought DeAndre Jordan signed a contract with the Mavericks, an emoji battle broke out on Twitter between the Mavericks and Clippers players using travel icons. Paul Pierce pulled a prehistoric social media move by posting a picture of a rocket ship emoji. This lead to an all out race between the Clippers and Mavericks to try to get to Jordan first and convince him to play for them. The Clipper’s lead by Clippers coach Doc Rivers, owner Steve Ballmer, Blake Griffin, J.J. Reddick, Chris Paul and Paul Pierce all went to Houston to try to convince Jordan to resign with the Clippers, and they managed to beat out Mark Cuban and Chandler Parsons, who were unable to communicate with Jordan.

After the war ended, and the clock struck midnight eastern time, DeAndre Jordan signed a four-year $88 million dollar deal with the Los Angeles Clippers. Throughout the hole process, news was reported Jordan was going back to the Clippers, even before they showed up. Blake Griffin tweeted a picture of a chair against the door, but this was just the Clipper’s up to their old shenanigans, and having fun. After Jordan signed the contract, it became just basically a sleepover with all of Jordan’s teammates. Blake Griffin is now trolling people again by posting a picture of a tent and telling @barstoolbigcat they are playing go fish. Paul Pierce then posted a picture shortly after of Jordan signing his contract, with Doc Rivers and his mother.

Now that DeAndre Jordan is officially signed, the NBA, as well as Jordan, look rather foolish from all the drama that transpired in these past few days. Jordan was very disrespectful not to answer any of Mark Cuban’s calls. The league is suppose to be about integrity, and even if he had made the decision to go back to Los Angeles, letting Cuban know ahead of time, instead of ignoring him is the proper thing to do. A simple explanation of why you wanted to go back to the Clippers, instead of joining the Mavericks would have sufficed.

The NBA looks foolish with all the drama that happened from this, as they let free agency begin, before you can actually sign players. The NBA had no control over Jordan, as rules state, only verbal agreements can be made, not actual signing of contracts. Reports are coming in, General Managers and Owners want to have a referendum passed soon, that does not allow free agency to begin until the next year’s cap numbers are released, therefore pushing back free agency, until players can actual sign, and not have to wait a week on verbal agreements.

The Clipper’s look like the bad guys right now, but they were just taking advantage of a poorly set up system. Los Angeles knew the market was thin for centers, so Jordan had to be resigned at all costs. With an unsure mind, the Clipper’s gave a presentation that was made for Jordan’s heart and mind, not to mention gave him a few extra million dollars, for the same amount of years. Los Angles became a winner in free agency, as Dallas once again, is a loser in free agency. We will see if this type of move, is a stepping stone in getting the rules changed, which all signs point too.

The Mavericks, a team always wanting to make a splash in free agency, but just cannot do it. This year was different were then got DeAndre Jordan to sign, but after he thought about it, he went back to Los Angeles. The Mavericks will have to quickly sign some other role players to fill their roster. The loss of Jordan, especially this late in free agency is a devastating blow, and will likely cost the Maverick’s a playoff spot next year, as the Western Conference is just to strong of competition for this team to beat out.

All of the drama makes for why people love free agency. The amount of tweets from fans, players, executives, you name it, just creates to the entertainment of the league. No matter your stance on the situation, you had to be entertained at least once in this ordeal. Questions will begin to emerge from all of this drama, such as will another saga happen next year, especially with Kevin Durant in free agency? The NBA will be busy finding ways to counteract this, but unless the Owner’s move quick to move on anything, it could be awhile. The league wants drama, as it creates ratings, free agency is all about drama, no matter the sport, that is the exciting part of the season. This season’s match-up between the Clippers and Mavericks will be entertaining, although the Clipper’s superior talent should knock the Maverick’s out of the building. When all said and done, free agency is crazy, and there is always next year, when the free agent class has quite a few stars in it.

By: Corey Bourassa and Mac Crowe

Edited By: Mac Crowe


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