Where Should Brandon Jennings Go?

This article is made to discuss what the Detroit Pistons should do with Brandon Jennings, after signing Reggie Jackson to a long term deal. Five teams, who could use Jennings on their team, will be given reasons why, and potential trade packages. 

With the recent resigning of Reggie Jackson, the Detroit Pistons will likely be shopping their other point guard, Brandon Jennings. Jennings was playing at a very high level before his injury last season, even considered to be a potential All-Star. His injury opened the door for the Pistons to trade for Reggie Jackson, who wanted to be traded to a team, where he would be the long term starting point guard. The Pistons did not give up much for Jackson, just a few role players, but they added a controversy piece for when Jennings gets back. I think with a full offseason under his belt with the Pistons, Jackson will put up better numbers, and prove his worth in this deal. That will leave the door open for the Pistons to trade Jennings, who is in the last year of his deal, to fill other holes on their roster. Jennings does not have a huge salary, so he could be an easier move than most players with his skill set. I will provide a few teams that should consider trading for Jennings during the season, as they need help at their point guard position.

Dallas Mavericks:

The Mavericks have made two great additions this offseason in, DeAndre Jordan and Wesley Matthews, but they still have a massive hole at the point guard position. The Mavericks have been linked with a potential sign-and-trade with Jeremy Lin, but why waste that money on Lin, when a better player is available. Jennings’s has a salary at $8.3 million, so the Mavericks would need to trade back some salary, as well as future picks. The Mavericks could either construct a deal around Raymond Felton, or Devin Harris. Harris is the better player, but would cost more for the Pistons, as Felton is the last year of his current deal. The Pistons, if they were interested in this deal, could probably get at least a first round pick, as well as rights to international players. With Jennings on their team, the Mavericks would have one of the better starting fives in the league, and could be a real contender in Western Conference, which is expected to be even tougher than last year.

Indiana Pacers:

The Pacers did just sign Monta Ellis, and although he has the ability to play point guard, Ellis is a better shooting guard. Jennings would give the Pacers a veteran scorer, and allow for them to use Hill as their sixth man, for depth reasons. Jennings and Ellis would be great additions for Paul George, as they would take the offensive pressures off of him, which should keep him more rested for a potential playoff run. The Pacers do have a more glaring need down low, and could look to trade for power forward, such as Taj Gibson, but with their team needing more offense, Jennings could provide this for them. I fully expect for the Pacers to continue being active this free agency, either in signings or trades.

New Orleans Pelicans:

New Orleans does not have a huge hole at the point guard position, as when healthy, Jrue Holiday is one of the better point guards in the league. That statement is key though, when healthy. The Pelicans have, who I think is the new best player in the world, Anthony Davis, who can lead them to the playoffs. Since this is not the Eastern Conference the past few years, Davis cannot do this alone, and will need fellow players to make the playoffs in the Western Conference. Jennings could be the back-up to Holiday, and be used as the sixth man at first, which would give the Pelicans a dynamic scorer off the bench. If Holiday gets hurt during the season, the Pelicans would have a more than capable point guard in reserve to take his spot, allowing for them to not miss a beat.

Los Angeles Lakers:

This acquisition has been thrown around quite a bit as of recently, but I just do not see this happening. The Lakers just signed, Lou Williams, so he offers the sixth man they need, and Jordan Clarkson seems to be the future at point guard. Jennings is not a costly addition, as the Lakers look to be a playoff team next season, but his fit would be a question mark, and would stunt the growth for their future point guard, Jordan Clarkson. Unless the Lakers only want to care about winning now, and not the future, this move should not happen.

Chicago Bulls:

Most people will be puzzled by this move, but hear me out. The Bulls need more offense, and they have a plethora of power forwards, that all need playing time. The Pistons, could use a defensive power forward. I think a trade built around Taj Gibson would be enticing enough for the Pistons to pull the trigger. The Bulls would get rid of Gibson, who had a questionable attitude this past season, with Gasol starting over him. The departure of Gibson, would then give more playing time to Bobby Portis, who was one of my favorite players out of the 2015 NBA draft, and will likely be one of the steals of the draft for the Bulls. The Pistons would get a solid contributor in return, for a player they would likely let go in free agency anyways. The Bulls would then have a tremendous sixth man, who could step in, if Rose gets hurt again, which unfortunately always seems will happen. The Bulls need to build a scoring bench capable of competing with that of LeBron’s Cavaliers. It is unknown what the Bull’s offense will look like under their new head coach, who is an offensive mind, but giving him another weapon to work with could only enhance their new attack.

By: Mac Crowe, @Mac_Truck17



  1. I don’t think Jennings to Indy would be a good idea because of the Monta signing. He and Jennings played together in Milwaukee and they weren’t that great together. They are similar players.


    1. I agree with the statement about their poor play together in Milwaukee, but I think both players have grown since then, and their play style(Ellis mostly) has changed since those days. Even with that said, Indy has a bigger hole at finding a power forward/center, than a upgrade at the point.


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