Scouting Report: Terry Rozier

Terry Rozier is a point guard from the University of Louisville. Rozier is 6’2 and has a wingspan of 6’7. For the year, he averaged, 35.0 minutes per game, 17.1 points per game, 5.6 rebounds per game, 3.0 assists per game, 2.0 steals per game, while shooting 41.1% from the field, and 30.6% from three.


  • Good ball handling skills
  • Unselfish player
  • Very quick
  • Explosive player
  • Takes great care of the basketball
  • High volume scorer
  • Ability to stretch the floor
  • Great rebounder for a point guard
  • Great effort on the defensive end
  • Uses length to be extremely disruptive in passing lanes


  • Must add strength
  • Jumper needs a lot of work on its consistency
  • Outside shot needs improvement
  • Does not attack the rim, settles for jumpers
  • Shoots poorly at the rim
  • Needs to still work on his point guard skills


Terry Rozier is all over draft boards and mock drafts. The main reason for this is, Rozier being more of a combo guard, than either a shooting guard or point guard. Rozier came into Louisville as more of a shooting guard than point guard, but made a transition to being their point guard. Rozier has an uncanny ability to find his teammates, even though his assist average does not show it. Rozier also has good ball handling skills, and limits his turnovers. Although these things highlight Rozier’s point guard skills, Rozier still needs to work on his leadership, pace, and passing more frequently. Why some view Rozier as a shooting guard is for his volume scoring. His shooting is a work in progress. He does not have a bad looking shot, just his consistency is very low. Rozier shot very poorly around the rim for his collegiate career. When Rozier did attack the rim, he would usually pull-up and try a jumper, over fighting through contact, to maybe draw a foul. His mid-range jumper only hovered around, percentage wise, in the low forties as well. Rozier at the next level would be way to small to be playing shooting guard, for he is only 6’2. Defensively, Rozier is a very active defender, who puts a lot of effort into it. Rozier is always on his man, limiting their chances. Rozier has great instincts in the passing lanes, as he uses his great length to disrupt the passing lanes around him. As a rebounder, Rozier is a great rebounder for a smaller point guard. He always seems in position to get a rebound, and will battle on the glass with the best of them. As an overall, Rozier is a good player, without a known position. This is the reason he has fallen down a lot of people’s boards. Chicago has had him in multiple times this offseason, and they do have a need for a back-up point guard. If the Chicago Bulls did select Rozier, he would give them a guy, who could refine his point guard skills from Derrick Rose, but also give them a scorer off the bench, which they could always seem to need. If Chicago does pass on Rozier, his draft range is most likely 20-30. I have him being selected by the Golden State Warriors in my most recent mock, to give them a young guard to groom behind Curry.

Pro Comparison:

Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry is at the rather high end for comparisons for Rozier, but depending on where he is selected in the draft, and his development, Rozier could develop into a similar player. Lowry is a floor general, no questions asked. Rozier is just learning these skills, but already seems to have a knack for it. Rozier’s vision and awareness, with further development should allow for him to become a confident floor general one day. Both players are great rebounders for their size. Lowry and Rozier are similar, in that they both are tenacious defenders. They use their quickness and aggressiveness on this end of the floor to make life extremely difficult for opposing players. For weaknesses for both players, it comes down to shooting consistency. Each player can hit any shot from the floor, but neither does it very consistently. Lowry and Rozier share the same quality, of short height. Lowry has never let this influence his game, and his will to compete is almost unmatched. Rozier will have to learn this same mindset, and not let his height hold him back. A career like Kyle Lowry’s would be a great pick in the twenties for any team selecting there. Lowry has transformed the Toronto Raptors organization, and helped make them contenders. Although he is not a superstar, Lowry is a great player. The Raptors are in search of a back-up point guard, and who knows, the man I compare to Lowry, could wind up learning from him next season.



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