Scouting Report: Delon Wright

Delon Wright is a point guard from the University of Utah. Wright is 6’5 with a wingspan of 6’6. For the year, he averaged, 33.3 minutes per game, 14.5 points per game, 5.1 assists per game, 4.9 rebounds per game, 2.1 steals per game, 1.0 blocks per game, while shooting 50.9% from the field, and 35.6% from three.


  • Great size
  • Great body control
  • Always in control of rhythm of the game
  • High basketball IQ
  • Good, accurate passer
  • Good pick-and-roll man
  • Does not take risks, safe player
  • Good rebounder for a guard
  • Disciplined defender
  • Uses wingspan to disrupt passing lanes


  • Needs to be in control
  • Needs to add strength
  • Can be a streaky shooter
  • Needs to learn to become more aggressive at times
  • Needs work on his consistency with his on ball defense


I have stated before in previous articles, that I think Wright has the potential to be a steal in the 2015 NBA draft. Wright is a true point guard, always looking for a way to get his teammates involved. Wright, has great IQ, which allows for him to control the tempo and rhythm of a game, and never letting the opposing team disrupt this. For his offensive skill set, Wright is a good pick-and-roll man. Wright’s ability to hit any type of shot, or ability to find a open man makes guarding him on the pick-and-roll a daunting tasks for opposing teams. Wright has a jumper, that can be a little streaky, but for the most part, he can get it to fall. His three point game is a question mark on whether it will translate to the NBA level, due to the line being further back, and Wright already being questionable for reliability from there. Another knack on Wright’s game is his safe, non-aggressive style of play. Wright lacks the hunger of victory in the final minutes, often playing to passive, which hurts his team’s chance of winning. On the defensive side of the ball, Wright is an above-average defender. Wright uses quickness and his wingspan to cover a majority of his mistakes. Wright could use improvement with his on ball defense, but in all honesty, half the league could use improvement on this part of their games. Wright also uses his great size and instincts to be good on the boards. This part of his game should translate flawlessly to the next level. Overall, Wright is a very skilled guard on both ends of the court. Wright is expected to be selected in the 20-30 range of the 2015 NBA draft. With his selection presumed to be in this region, Wright could be a steal, as his skill set is known, and should translate to the next level, while players ahead of him are all about potential, and have a way higher risk of becoming busts.

Pro Comparison:

Shaun Livingston

Wright and Livingston share a lot of similar qualities. Both players are big, long, unselfish point guards. Livingston and Wright are not your quickest players, but use their high basketball IQ’s to outsmart their opponent, to either get their own shot, or find an open man. Passing comes effortlessly to these guy’s, who use their height to make passes shorter guards just cannot make. Livingston and Wright, coming into the league had a jumper, but both needed to work on its consistency. Livingston found his jumper’s consistency, and I know Wright can do the same. On the defensive side of the ball, Wright and Livingston are good rebounding wings, who use their height, wingspans, and instincts to consistently get rebounds. Livingston is a better on ball defender, and defender as a whole, but Wright has the ability to match Livingston’s defensive ability. Both players have a knack for disrupting passing lanes and leading the transition offense, which both can either attack the rim, or find an open teammate for an open shot. Wright, hopefully never has to deal with the gruesome injury Livingston had to battle back from. Without this injury, no one really knows how good Livingston could have been, for he had unreal potential with his size and skill set. Wright maybe more post injury Livingston, but even that version is a key clog for a lot of teams. Wright will likely be spending a majority of his first seasons coming off the bench, unless drafted by the Dallas Mavericks, who could look to start him right away. Wright, much like Livingston should have a good NBA career, with a skill set that should always keep him employed.


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