Biggest Projected Busts of the 2015 NBA Draft

These five players are whom I think will be the biggest busts for the 2015 NBA draft. 

Mario Hezonja

Hezonja is another European wing that can shoot really well from deep. His offensive potential could go as high as a James Harden level, or it could be a JR Smith level, since he struggles with consistency. He has a questionable attitude as well, and reports show him as a very ball demanding wing. He is a very emotional player, leading for him to play too aggressive and get into foul trouble. All of these things would not be as huge of a red flag if he was not projected to go top ten. Hezonja will need a coach, who will not cut him any slack in order to get the best out of him. Hezonja has potential for stardom, but the JR Smith type of player is what you probably will get, which is not worth a top ten pick. I have a link to a scouting report I have previously done on Hezonja to see all of his strength’s and weaknesses.

Myles Turner

In almost any article related to projected draft busts, Myles Turner always seems to appear. A couple months ago I really liked the kid and his potential, but the more film I watched the less I liked about him. Turner still has great defensive potential. He possess elite shot blocking tools, that most players wish they had. On the offensive side of the ball, Turner has the ability to stretch the floor, which will be nice against NBA centers, who are not all able to guard perimeter bigs. His consistency from deep is poor though leaving this skill to need a lot of improvement. Turner also has no desire to play down low and will settle for jumpers. With so many improvements needed for his game, Turner is a project, that some people see as an immediate contributor. Turner has potential to be a great player, but it will take a few years, and with a projected lottery selection in his near future, that team will want him to contribute right away leaving for him to under perform and get labeled a bust. Here is a link to a scouting report I have done on Myles Turner.

Cedi Osman

I decided to pick Osman, not because he is projected to be a star player, but he is gaining a lot of hype coming into the draft. His projected range is all the way up into the late teens to the early second round. Osman needs a lot of work on both ends of the court for consistency. His jumper is a little suspect and has no real reliability with it. Osman will definitely be spending a few more seasons over seas to continue to develop, and even when he does come over, I see him more of a back-end of the rotation player. If he was selected in the second round this would be pretty typical for European prospects, but being a fringe first round talent, he will need to contribute more than this.

Trey Lyles

Lyles has a ton of offensive potential, but defensively he will hurt your team. I think a lot of this was masked by playing next to Towns and Johnson, who protected the rim. His offensive games resembles a lot like Carlos Boozer’s. Unlike Boozer, Lyles is not all muscle so he can not bully people down low, or dominate the rebounding field like Boozer did in his prime. Luckily, Lyles has the frame to add this type of muscle to become a bully on the boards. With rumors the Knicks have no problem selecting him fourth overall, which is a crazy idea, when you could trade way back and acquire more assets, Lyles would have a lot of pressure on him. With the Knicks needing this pick to be a young star, Lyles does not have that kind of upside leading for him to become a bust in many people’s eyes. Lyles has potential to be a good all-around player, but value wise, his sits in the mid to late first round. Here is a link to a scouting report I have done on Lyles to give you a better look at him.

Kevon Looney

When you draw comparisons to Kevin Durant, it really puts you at a huge disadvantage. In no way do I view Looney as a Kevin Durant, or poor man’s Kevin Durant type of player. In my eyes that is a lazy comparison, without watching much about Looney’s game. Looney has a ton of upside, but the kind of upside to be the third guy, maybe even the second star for a team, but he will never be the number one guy. With his projecting in the late lottery to late teens, Looney will have some hefty expectations to live up to. His offensive game needs to become more developed for him to contribute at the next level. On the defensive side of the ball, Looney offers great length to cover well, and tremendous rebounding skills. With the high expectations that come with being compared to Kevin Durant, and when Looney does not live up to this, a lot of people will be disappointed. I think Looney will have a good NBA career, but his expectations need to be drastically lowered for him to not be considered a bust. Here is a scouting report on Looney to give you more details about him.

By: Mac Crowe, @Mac_Truck17


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