Scouting Report: Bobby Portis

Bobby Portis is a power forward for the University of Arkansas. Portis is 6’10 with a wingspan of 7’1.5. For the year Portis is averaging 29.6 minutes per game, 17.5 points per game, 8.6 rebounds per game, 1.1 assists per game, 1.4 blocks per game, while shooting 54.7% from the field, and 46.4% from three. Portis also won the award for SEC’s Player of the Year.


  • Active player
  • Runs the floor well
  • Good defender
  • Great rebounder
  • Good shot selection
  • Above average free throw shooter(74.6%)
  • Emerging outside shooting threat
  • Low turnover rate
  • High potential


  • Not very powerful
  • Needs to add strength
  • Not a go to scorer
  • Needs to get to the line more
  • Needs to post up more often


Portis is a guy, who it is hard to find a flaw with, he does everything so well. Portis will be a great complimentary offensive piece as he is not a go to scorer, but feels the offense so well, he will score with the flow of the offense with ease. With that being said, Portis is a good shooter for a big man, and will develop into a stretch four at the next level as he is finding his three point shot this season. He has good defensive potential if he adds some strength for dealing with the bigger and stronger power forwards of the league. So, overall, Portis does not have any glaring weaknesses that will cause him to become a bust. He does a great job of playing hard, showing a natural feel for the game, being a skilled player, and has potential for both ends of the court. With the right development Portis could grow into a hidden gem in this draft class and be a solid contributor to whatever team drafts him.

Pro Comparison:

Paul Millsap

Millsap is never considered a so called diva or distraction for any team he has played for, he is a great locker room presence, and is respectful to the media. Skill wise, Millsap is a hard nose, hustler. Millsap will do the dirty work of grabbing rebounds, diving for loose balls, basically anything to help his teammates win. He has a great outside shot, good at the free throw line, and assists his teammates. Portis much like Millsap does the dirty work, and has developed an outside shot. They both are not to fond of post ups, but are good pick and roll players. Both players are not dominate on the defensive side of the ball, and are not your true defensive stoppers, but they do hold their own against their opponents. Portis has the ability to reach the level Millsap has reached as an NBA All-Star with ease if he sets his mind to it. Millsap is a key clog for his teams, as he may not dominate, or be the go to guy, he still is a valuable glue guy that brings the team consistency. Portis for a team like the Milwaukee Bucks could come in from day one and take over the four position and him, Jabari Parker, and Giannis Antetokounmpo would be a devastating young core for oppositions to have to prepare for.

By: Mac Crowe @Mac_Truck17



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