Scouting Report: Sam Dekker

Sam Dekker is a small forward for the University of Wisconsin. Dekker is 6’9 with a 6’10 wingspan. Dekker is averaging 29.8 minutes per game, 13.1 points per game, 5.5 rebounds per game, 1.1 assists per game, while shooting 51.5% from the field, and 32.1% from three.


  • Very efficient shooter
  • Has the range for any shot
  • Smooth Stroke
  • Ability to finish through contact
  • High Basketball IQ
  • Rarely turns the ball over
  • Doesn’t foul
  • Good quickness and hops(sneaky athleticism)
  • Good rebounding wing
  • Excellent at setting screens


  • Needs to improve on free throw shooting(69.3% for the year)
  • Not a first option scorer
  • Needs improvement with shooting off the dribble
  • Must increase his strength
  • Lack of awareness on the defensive side of the ball
  • Pull-up game is below average
  • Struggles with changing directions when he has the ball


Dekker is a late-teen to second round pick in most people’s mind. Being in Wisconsin’s system really limits him to showcase more of his skills and put up gaudy numbers, but with what we have to work with Dekker is a great teammate, does the dirty work, efficient shooter, and has good athleticism. If Dekker can beef up more than he already has this past summer and focus on improvement on defense he could be a solid contributor for a contending team. Dekker can also throw the ball down, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him in the NBA Slam-dunk contest in the near future and winning it.

Pro Comparison:

Kyle Singler

Singler was known as a perimeter specialist, who was also capable of playing in the post due to his size much like Dekker is right now. Both don’t have ideal bodies to play in the post but they both used superior skills and IQ to become effective in the post. Both are very smart players and know how to handle the ball without turning it over. Dekker is better at getting to the rim due to his athleticism and finishing there where Singler turns to his jumper. Singler and Dekker were/are good college rebounders that should translate to the NBA level. On the defensive side both players lack lateral movement to guard faster players but use their basketball IQ to know how to play their opponent. Both players were not dominate at the college level but did everything they were asked of very well. Singler is a nice role player who has the ability to step in and start if necessary. Dekker projects as a guy with this ability with a little higher ceiling due to his superior athleticism.

By: Mac Crowe @Mac_Truck17



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