Milwaukee Bucks vs Chicago Bulls 2/23/2015

Just a quick summary of the game between the Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls divided into each quarter.

First Quarter:

Milwaukee 15 Chicago 21

Both teams have been playing sloppy, turnovers have been aplenty. Milwaukee and Chicago are both struggling to find their offense with neither team shooting the ball well. With that being said Milwaukee has been moving the ball well with a majority of their shots being open looks. Milwaukee ended the first quarter shooting 35% while Chicago shot 38.8%. Milwaukee’s leading scorer for the quarter was a tie between Khris Middleton and Giannis Antetokounmpo at 4 points while Chicago’s leading scorer was Derrick Rose with 8 points.

Second Quarter:

Milwaukee 33 Chicago 48

 Tony Snell continues his hot hand from the first quarter slicing into the Buck’s defense like a hot knife in butter. Milwaukee continues to miss open shots and easy layups. Tyler Ennis has been taking questionable three pointers with no avail which is not helping the struggling Bucks offense. Chicago continues to dominate on the offensive glass allowing them to convert their second chance points.


Milwaukee 33 Chicago 48

Leading scorer for Milwaukee is OJ Mayo with 7 points and Chicago’s leading scorer is Tony Snell with 18 points.

Leading in assists for Milwaukee is Jerryd Bayless with 5 assists and Chicago’s leader is Derrick Rose with 6 assists.

Leading in rebounds for Milwaukee is Jerryd Bayless with 5 rebounds and Chicago’s leader is Joakim Noah with 8 rebounds.

Field goal percentages for each team is Milwaukee 34.1% and Chicago 39.1%.

Milwaukee has 6 turnovers compared to Chicago’s 9 turnovers.

Third Quarter:

Milwaukee 49 Chicago 64

Chicago comes out attacking the basket getting to the line and knocking down their free throws. Chicago’s offense has come out very efficient, ball movement from everyone and everyone for Chicago is taking high percentage shots. Milwaukee is moving the ball very well but they keep settling for jumpers and contested layups leading to their offense being stagnant.  Ersan Ilyasova has shown great confidence in this game which is good to see, even though he might not lead a comeback in this game his scoring in the future will be key in there quest for a playoff spot.

Fourth Quarter:

Milwaukee 71 Chicago 87

The Bucks still aren’t shooting well, wide-open looks but nothing is falling. Milwaukee’s passing began to fade in this quarter with everyone trying to drive and make a play by themselves. The Bulls have gotten very sloppy in this final quarter. Defense has been forgotten as both teams seem to want this game over with. Tom Thibodeau even allowed for Doug McDermott to get some playing team which will be crucial for his experience come playoff time.

End of Game Summary:

Milwaukee 71 Chicago 87

Leading scorer for Milwaukee was Khris Middleton with 17 points and Chicago’s leading scorer was Tony Snell with 20 points.

Leading in assists for Milwaukee was Jerryd Bayless with 5 assists and Chicago’s leader was Derrick Rose with 8 assists.

Leading in rebounds for Milwaukee was Ersan Ilyasova with 11 rebounds and Chicago’s leader was Joakim Noah with 16 rebounds.

Field goal percentages for each team was Milwaukee 33.7% and Chicago 35.5%.

Milwaukee had 10 turnovers compared to Chicago’s 18 turnovers.

Overall this game was very sloppy on both sides whether it been turnovers or poor shooting. The Bucks will get one last shot against the Bulls April 1st in Milwaukee, they are 0-3 this year against the Bulls. Micheal Carter Williams is hopeful to play Wednesday against the 76ers which will help improve the Bucks offense greatly. Next up for the Bulls is another home game against Charlotte.


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